Pop Funko Values Sky Rocket

Pop Funko has really burst onto the scene in the past few years. If you were lucky you got in on it early. With sites like poppriceguide.com, you can literally watch what people thought was a crazy addiction, make money and rise in value faster than the stock market. Don't worry new collectors, Funko has done such a great job by limiting variants, you can still find some that will earn you some serious dough. So with these items rising in value its extremely important to protect your investment. Some insurance companies have even noticed the value in Pop Funko, and are offering plans to cover collections valued at $5,000 or more. The easiest way to keep your Pops mint is to invest in pop protectors. So is it wise ? Yes, and its not expensive to do so. A great place to get protectors at low price and not sacrifice quality in protection is at a site I found called, www.popprotector.com . They offer various sizes and have the lowest prices Ive seen online, even beating amazon. I got 100 individual 4 inch pop protectors with a discount code provided for joining an email list for only $67.50! They even offer free 2-3 day priority shipping to the entire United States. Yes, for such a low amount you can protect your investment and I highly suggest it. So thanks Funko for giving me the opportunity to invest in something I love, and to www.popprotector.com for insuring ill see it appreciate more and more safely!

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